About the School

Fallhaven School District is a school district, serving the communities of Springfield, IL. Students from our district graduate from Turpin High School.

Hours of Operation

School doors are unlocked at 7:15am and children participating in breakfast may enter only after that time. This is for the safety and security of our children. All children must be to class by 7:40 a.m. Children are dismissed from school at 2:52 a.m.

Athletics and Activities

A member of the Southwest Interscholastic Conference (SWIC), Fallhaven School District offers many competitive activities, including softball, cross country, basketball, volleyball, track, soccer, cheerleading, Mathletes, Declamation, Band, and Chorus.  Additionally, we offer students more than 40 different clubs and co-curricular activities throughout the school year.

Service Learning

Fallhaven School District integrates meaningful community service with instruction to enrich our student’s learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen community ties.