Julie Whittle

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Julie Whittle was raised as a Montessori child. One of her first memories is of doing practical life in a Montessori school in Germany where her mother taught. She was sitting in a sun-filled room listening to the hum of activity around her while concentrating hard on learning to button and unbutton a beautiful piece of pink material using the button frame. She felt peaceful, proud, and independent. She was four. She feels fortunate to have been left with that memory and so many like it. After graduating from Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles in 1991, she followed her heart and took the lower elementary Montessori training at the San Leandro, California training center. She then began working as a lower elementary teacher at Peninsula Montessori School and has been there ever since. In 2005, she continued her Montessori education by returning to the San Leandro training center to receive her upper elementary training. She taught upper elementary for 2 years and then returned to lower elementary (her first love).

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