Superintendent’s Welcome

Welcome to Fallhaven Public Schools. We offer your family a tremendous advantage to learn, lead and belong. Fallhaven PS is continually recognized in Illinois as a leader in education and achievement. This dedication to providing our students an educational advantage has resulted in the highest elementary achievement, ACT composites, and graduation rate in southern Illinois.

We are committed to a quality education for each and every student. Because we are a larger school district, we provide numerous opportunities for students to learn, lead and belong that other districts cannot replicate. Many of these advantages go unnoticed because they are entrenched in our practice. 

  • We are a district committed to providing each and every student an education that prepares them for a successful post secondary transition.
  • We are a district of educators dedicated to being the best in our profession through a commitment of continuous new learning and professional growth.
  • We are a district that recognizes the uniqueness in each and every student, creating a sense of belonging for all students.
  • We are a district that provides each and every student a unique educational advantage through a wide variety of experiences in and out of the classroom.

We welcome your interest in the Fallhaven Public Schools and look forward to your questions or feedback. I can be reached here on my blog page. Thanks for visiting our website today.

John Williams, Superintendent


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